Most people can’t tell the difference between synthetic and natural grass even after they’ve felt both. This is because the best artificial turf in Chattanooga, TN feels soft and natural to the touch. No wonder more and more people prefer it to the real thing.

What Does Artificial Grass Feel Like?

Artificial grass generally feels soft and springy. But unlike natural grass, it’s not uncomfortable to walk or sit on. This is because it has infill and padding under it instead of hard, unforgiving dirt.

Artificial grass comes in a wide variety of textures and it’s essential to choose one that best suits your needs.Whether you want a soft surface for your backyard or a more firm, compact groundcover for your green, you can find artificial grass that feels the way you want it to.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Texture of Artificial Grass?

When shopping for the best artificial turf in Chattanooga, TN, it pays to understand the factors that affect its texture. They include:


The materials that make up artificial grass don’t just dictate how well it can mimic the look of real grass. These materials also determine how soft the turf feels underfoot.

Nylon is a common artificial grass fiber material because it has high tensile strength and can withstand UV rays. However, it isn’t as soft as other materials.Polyethylene is typically used in sports turf applications because it’s softer than nylon and has a more natural feel.

Fiber Type

The fiber type of artificial grass typically varies based on its intended purpose. Take synthetic landscaping turf and golf turf for example.

Putting green fiber is longer and thinner than landscaping fiber because it has to stand up well to extensive foot traffic. It also has a lower face weight than other types of turf, meaning there are fewer fibers per square inch.This allows golf balls to roll smoothly over the surface of the green. Keep this in mind when you plan your putting green.

On the other hand, the fiber in landscaping turf tends to be thicker and shorter. This is because it doesn’t need to stand up as well to foot traffic as an artificial turf putting green in Chattanooga, TN does. It also has a higher face weight so that it looks lush and rich like a natural lawn.

Pile Height

The pile height refers to how long each blade is. Typically, the higher the pile height, the softer and denser the lawn will feel.

For instance, if you want to install an artificial putting green, get a shorter pile height to mimic the short turf pn the golf courses. But if you’re looking for a lush feel for your landscape, go with a taller pile height.

Why Does Artificial Grass Feel Better Than Real Grass?

If you’ve ever had to mow your lawn, you know that the feeling of real grass can be less than pleasant at times.

When it’s freshly cut, it’s often too short and feels like a series of tiny needles poking into your skin. If it hasn’t been cut in a while, it can feel prickly on your feet. Meanwhile, wet grass can feel sticky and clumpy underfoot.

Artificial grass is much cushier than real grass in every way. Its surface is soft, smooth and resistant to stains from mud and other liquids.Unlike real grass, artificial grass doesn’t grow. So there are no hidden objects or sharp blades waiting for you to step on them.

Other Perks of Artificial Grass

Besides being softer and lusher than natural grass, artificial turf also offers the following benefits:

  • It drains water quickly and evenly. You won’t have to worry about mud or puddles.
  • You’ll never have to use fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides again because artificial turf doesn’t need them to thrive.
  • A synthetic lawn will help you conserve water because it only needs water for the occasional rinsing.
  • It pays for itself over time by saving you money on maintenance costs and water bills.

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