Artificial Turf for Dogs in Chattanooga, TN for Pristine Pet Spaces

A lush, picture-perfect landscape is no longer a pipe dream for pet owners. With top-quality artificial turf for dogs in Chattanooga, TN, they can enjoy a vibrant outdoor haven that can withstand the antics of the most determined canines. Discover the wonders of synthetic grass for pets and families.

The Pet-Friendly Way to Pet-Proof Your Spaces

A lawn full of unsightly holes, burnt grass, and stinky sections is what most pet owners have to contend with after letting their canines play outdoors. However, the downsides of letting excited dogs play on a grass-covered yard don’t end there. Natural turf also hides ticks, fleas, ants, and other pests that can bring harm to your beloved pets and home.

Never deal with any of these issues again with our top-quality synthetic grass for pets. All our pet turf products here at Chattanooga Artificial Grass are built to simplify pet ownership and enhance surface safety thanks to these key features:  

black pug dog

Efficient Drainage System  

All our synthetic turf installations are supported by proprietary drainage, which removes moisture from the surface and directs it to the area below.

Paw-Friendly Grass Fibers

Our artificial turf for dogs in Chattanooga, TN doesn’t just look like natural grass; it also feels the same. Synthetic turf is soft to the touch and gentle to the paws.

Easy Upkeep Requirements

Pick up solid pet waste, rinse of urine, remove natural debris, and brush up the grass blades occasionally —these are the only things you’ll need to do to keep synthetic turf pristine.

Deodorizing Infill

Don’t give unpleasant smells a chance to settle in your pet spaces. Our expert installers can integrate an artificial turf infill that reduces pet urine and waste odor into your installation.  

Since it’s not alive, artificial grass does not attract pests. Ticks, fleas, and other pests that can bring harm to your pooch can’t thrive on its surface.

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Multiple Applications of Artificial Grass for Pets

Since it’s not alive, synthetic turf can be installed in both indoor and outdoor spaces. In the hands of our professional installers, artificial grass can bring life and improve function through various applications, such as:

• Front and backyards

• Potty training areas

• Pet runs

• Puppy pens

• Breeding enclosures

• Pet grooming zones

• Canine training centers

• Commercial pet spaces

• Indoor and outdoor kennels

• And more!

Chattanooga Artificial Grass: Your Reliable Pet Turf Installer

As the premiere synthetic turf installer in Chattanooga, Chattanooga Artificial Grass is the only team you’ll need on your side for your project. Nothing comes close to the quality of our synthetic turf installations. Just visit our past projects to see the stunning results you can expect from our team! 

Look forward to efficient installation, outstanding customer service, and competitive rates when you count on our team to install artificial grass for pets in Chattanooga, TN. Call Chattanooga Artificial Grass now to schedule a consultation and get a FREE quote!

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