Are you 100% sure that your backyard is safe for your dog? Most pet owners are not aware of the many dangers that hide in a natural lawn. Some of these hazards can cause discomfort to your pooch, but others can be downright life-threatening. Eliminate these dangers for good when you install artificial grass for pets in Chattanooga, TN!

How Artificial Grass Creates Safer, Pet-Friendly Yards

You may be used to keeping an eye out for cars, dropped food, other dogs and people that can be unsafe for your pooch. However, have you been vigilant about your backyard as well? The best artificial turf in Chattanooga, TN helps you remove dangers that may be closer to home:

Grass Awns

Grass awns come by other names, such as foxtails, June grass, grass seeds and more. They all mean one thing: trouble for your dog. Grass awns are small, arrow-shaped seeds that are barely noticeable to humans but can be hazardous to canines.

Just walking through the grass can embed grass awns in your dog’s skin or coat. Canines can also inhale or swallow the awns, and get them lodged inside their ears. No matter how the awns attached themselves to your dog, it can cause irritation, injuries and internal health issues.

Switching to artificial grass dramatically reduces the presence of grass awns in your lawn since it is not alive. Feel free to let your dog out anytime, and never worry about awns again.

Toxic Flowers

One of the most beautiful parts of your lawn can also be one of the most dangerous for your pet. Many flowers are toxic to dogs, including foxglove, azaleas and autumn crocus. Ingestion can lead to seizures, diarrhea, vomiting and even blindness.

When you replace natural grass with artificial turf, you also need to relocate flowers and plants into flower beds since they can’t grow on synthetic grass. Doing so gives you the chance to place these flowers somewhere out of reach of curious canines.


If you use herbicides to keep your plants healthy, you’re exposing your dog to a massive health risk. Exposure to these chemicals increases the risk of bladder cancer in dogs, aside from triggering nausea and vomiting. These chemicals also tend to linger on the grass for 48 hours or more, especially when there’s moisture on the grass.

Say goodbye to herbicides when you install artificial grass for pets in Chattanooga, TN. Your lawn will stay lush and vibrant green as day one, without the need for toxic chemicals.

Edible Plants

Those tasty chives, tomatoes, garlic and onions in your backyard can be poisonous to dogs. They can cause red blood cell damage and gastrointestinal irritation when ingested. Similar to flowers, replacing natural grass with turf allows you to fence in these toxic plants out of reach of your pets.

Make Your Backyard a Pet-Friendly Haven for Your Dogs

All pet owners want their pets to be happy and healthy, and that includes giving them a lot of playtime in the backyard. Artificial turf installation in Chattanooga, TN gives you peace of mind that every corner of your yard is safe for your beloved companion. Call Chattanooga Artificial Grass at 866-327-9887, and let’s get started on your pet paradise!