If you love your dogs but hate how they ruin your carefully maintained grass lawn, an artificial turf installation in Chattanooga, TN is a great compromise. It’s impervious to dog damage. Plus, it looks and feels like the real thing, so you won’t be missing out on the lawn experience.

Tear It Up

Digging is one of the fastest ways dogs can wreak havoc on a lawn. They send grass and dirt flying, leaving behind unsightly craters that you’ll need to refill and cover up.

In contrast, dogs can’t break through artificial grass for pets. It has tightly woven fibers that dogs can’t claw, bite, and dig through. And turf installers make sure the seams are secure so there’s no way dogs can tear and displace the turf.

Make It Smelly

Dog poop can make your lawn smell bad, attract pests like flies, and spread germs.

You’ll have to wash off any dog poop before it dries and hardens into stains. Unfortunately, if you use too much water, you’ll drown the grass underneath.

But if you have an artificial turf installation in Chattanooga, TN, washing off dog poop is no problem at all! You can clean it easily with soap and water or a garden hose sprayer. It won’t drown because it’s synthetic.

Stain or Kill It

Dog urine can kill natural grass. While the nitrogen in the pee is good for plants, too much can burn, discolor, and kill the grass. It’s why the grass in areas where dogs don’t pee often pee looks greener than the rest.

On the other hand, artificial turf in Chattanooga isn’t alive, so it can’t die from dog urine like natural grass can. It also has great drainage, so you don’t have to worry about urine pooling on its surface.

Eat It

Some dogs eat grass because they’re hungry or because they like the way it feels and tastes. Others do it to induce vomiting when they feel sick.

Most dogs tear out the turf, sometimes to the roots, and munch on it. This can spell disaster to your lawn and harm your furry friends if you’ve recently sprayed toxic chemicals on the turf.

But dogs can’t eat high-quality artificial turf for dogs in Chattanooga, TN. It’s incredibly durable and has a sturdy backing that holds its fibers together, preventing dogs from tearing them out.

Synthetic grass also doesn’t have the same taste, smell, and texture as real grass—and that alone will stop most dogs from eating it.

More Issues Solved by Artificial Grass

  • Tracking In Mud

Puddles and muddy trails are both the bane of homeowners who take pride in their lawns. Not only because they can make a mess, but also because dirt and mud clog up the blades of grass, preventing photosynthesis from occurring and killing your grass.

You also get a dirty dog and an even dirtier home, not to mention all the bacteria and other nasty things that mud can drag in.

Fortunately, artificial turf installation in Chattanooga, TN won’t absorb dirt and mud like natural grass does. There’s simply no soil to create mud, no matter how much it rains or how wet your synthetic lawn gets. Plus, the surface is textured so it won’t feel too slippery when your dog runs on it.

  • Pollen Allergies

Yes, dogs can suffer from grass allergies, too! If your dog is sneezing and itching more than usual, it could be due to the pollen coming from your lawn.

When you install artificial turf, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Artificial grass doesn’t attract any of the pollens or allergens that natural grass does—making it a great choice for sensitive dogs.

  • Toxic Weeds

Dogs love to explore, and you never know what they’ll find in your lawn. That includes toxic weeds like foxglove, hemlock, and lily of the valley. Dogs that eat these weeds can become very sick, suffering from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and even death in some cases.

Since artificial turf doesn’t attract weeds nor allow them to grow, this risk goes down significantly. As a bonus, you can forget about wasting time pulling out weeds from your lawn.

  • Playtime Accidents

All those holes, uneven spots, rocks, and other obstacles in natural grass aren’t just unpleasant to look at. They can also cause accidents for an overexcited pooch. One wrong step in a hole and they can sprain their ankle or get a cut on their paw.

Artificial turf eliminates all of these dangers, as it’s always level and even. Its surface also has shock-absorbent properties that cushion your dog’s feet—so they can play longer, jump higher, and have more fun than ever before.

Install Artificial Grass for Pets in Chattanooga, TN

Why worry about your dogs destroying your lawn when you can pet-proof it in no time with artificial pet turf?

Here at Chattanooga Artificial Grass, we offer only the best synthetic grass products for dogs. So you can be sure that your pups will love it. You can also count on our team for installation services and landscaping ideas.

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