Artificial grass has become a popular option for Chattanooga homeowners looking for a low-maintenance lawn that still looks amazing. But just because it’s low-maintenance doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

In fact, there are lots of ways to spruce up an artificial turf installation in Chattanooga TN with landscaping ideas that can make it more interesting and attractive. Here’s a look at some of the best landscaping ideas to try on an artificial lawn:

1. Add Some Curves

Nothing adds visual interest to an artificial turf installation in Chattanooga TN quite like adding curves to a landscape. Curves evoke movement and create a more balanced look, particularly if you have a lot of hard lines like fencing or pathways.

There are countless ways to incorporate curves into an artificial lawn. For instance, you can create a curving path through your lawn with pavers or stone, or use a garden edging tool to create curved borders around flower beds.You can also add curves to your lawn with a meandering flower bed. Plant a few kinds of colorful flowers and grasses in curving patterns, and you’ll have a beautiful, eye-catching feature.

2. Create Contrasting Textures with Artificial Lawn

Using different textures in your lawn gives it more depth and visual interest. For example, you can combine smooth, consistent artificial grass with rougher surfaces such as gravel paths or flagstone borders. You can also add texture by planting different types of vegetation and flowers in the same space.

3. Add Colorful Accents

Adding some colorful accents to your lawn is a great way to make it look more vibrant and welcoming. Try adding bright colored furniture pieces like outdoor chairs or benches, art sculptures, and outdoor rugs. Or you can plant colorful flower beds among the artificial grass for a pop of color and texture.

4. Install Lighting Features

Installing lighting features adds both practicality and beauty to your lawn. Solar lights are an easy way to add a soft, romantic glow to your lawn during the evening. Pathway lights can provide much-needed illumination and make it easier to navigate at night.

5. Add Potted Plants with Artificial Lawn

Potted plants can add color and texture to any space, including artificial lawns. Look for outdoor-friendly potted plants that will thrive with minimal maintenance, such as succulents or low-maintenance flowering shrubs. Group them together in clusters around your lawn or place them near seating areas and patios for added visual appeal.

6. Build a Sitting Area

Creating a designated sitting area makes it easier to relax and enjoy spending time outdoors on your lawn or beside your artificial turf putting green in Chattanooga TN. You can use furniture pieces like outdoor chairs and tables, daybeds, hammocks or swings. Add some cushions for extra comfort and style.

7. Install a Fountain or Water Feature for Artificial Lawn

Adding a fountain or other water feature can infuse a calming atmosphere in your lawn. It can also be an interesting focal point that draws the eye and adds a touch of luxury.

8. Create Privacy with Trees and Hedges

If you need more privacy in your lawn, installing trees, hedges or shrubs is a great way to achieve it while also adding texture and color to your landscape. Choose evergreen varieties so they look beautiful all year round.

9. Plant Herbs and Vegetables

If you want to make your artificial lawn more productive, try planting some vegetables or herbs in raised beds. Not only will this give you a steady supply of fresh produce, but it’ll also add color and texture. Plus, it’s an easy way to enjoy the benefits of a home garden without the hassle of maintaining real grass.

10. Add an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are a great way to dress up your artificial lawn and add a bit of texture. Look for rugs made from weather-resistant materials such as polypropylene or nylon. They’ll be able to stand up to the elements and add a touch of style to your outdoor space.

11. Hang String Lights

String lights can add a whimsical touch of light to your artificial lawn. Hang them from trees, poles or fence posts to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They can help turn your outdoor space into a cozy area to relax and entertain.

12. Add Outdoor Artwork

Adding artwork to your lawn is another easy way to make it look more attractive. Look for art pieces made from weather-resistant materials such as metal or ceramic so they’ll survive the elements. Art sculptures, wall hangings and wind chimes all make great outdoor additions.

13. Install an Outdoor Fire Pit with Artificial Grass

Installing a fire pit is one of the best ways to enjoy your lawn during the cooler months. Look for portable fire pits that can be easily moved around as needed or permanent options that blend seamlessly into your landscape design. Not only will it provide extra warmth on chilly nights, but it’ll also be a great place for gathering with friends and family.

14. Use Artificial Grass Garden Accessories

Garden accessories such as bird feeders, garden sculptures and planters are great for adding interest to an artificial lawn. You can also use them to add a bit of personality or even highlight your favorite hobbies.

15. Illuminate with Path Lights

Light up your lawn at night and create a safe atmosphere for walking around using path lights. They also add an interesting touch of style and make it easier to navigate in the dark. Just be sure to choose fixtures that are built for outdoor use so they’ll last through all kinds of weather conditions.

16. Add a Artificial Grass Playground Area for Kids

Adding a playground area to your lawn is a great way to bring the fun outdoors. Look for swing sets, slides and other age-appropriate equipment that can stand up to the elements. You can also use this space to host fun outdoor activities like scavenger hunts or backyard camping.

17. Add a Water Feature

The calming sound of running water can add a touch of luxury to your artificial lawn. You can choose from fountains, streams, ponds and even swimming pools. Just be sure to choose options that are designed for outdoor use and can withstand the elements.

By following these simple tips, you can create an artificial lawn that’s not only easy to maintain, but also looks great and is a pleasure to spend time in.

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